The real challenge for the future is ‘Who should own the business?’.

This may seem obvious to you, but having partners with strengths in different areas can leave the structure in doubt.

"I make the fees"

"I'm senior guy"

"I have the biggest capital account"

"I am the rainmaker"

"I work the longest hours"

"I have the best clients"

An ownership and reward formula tailored to you

McKinstry Practice Management can advise on the best ownership and reward formula for your requirements:

  • New starts
  • Mergers & demergers
  • Cessation
  • LLP
  • Incorporation
  • Credentials & Experience

    Winner of the Managing Partner of the Year at the Law Awards of Scotland, with over 40 years experience in the profession and in business, Graeme McKinstry has built, managed and developed his practice with significant success.

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